In the field of college student affairs, I believe in my role as an educator. Therefore I am committed to intentional learning, both in the classroom and in the co-curricular (Keeling, 2006). I am responsible to provide educational opportunities that represent best practice for all students, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion and contribute to the development of the whole person.

            As an educator, I seek to be an ally and advocate for the individual student and their experience (Broido, 2000; Bryant, 2007; Rendon, 1994).  In order to do this I must foster a safe and welcoming environment and support students in the tensions that may occur with differences of opinions, perspectives and beliefs (Perry, 1999).  In these tensions and struggles, I am committed to leading students to a deeper sense of calling and vocation and to actively engage in their identity development (Baxter Magolda, 1999; Fowler, 1984; Parks, 2000). 

            I know that in order to educate I must first learn. As a result, I will grow in my awareness, knowledge and skill of multicultural and social justice practices (Pope & Reynolds, 1997).   Lastly, I believe in the journey of identity development, staying connected to a deeper calling, and engaging in society as an agent of change and inspiration (Palmer, 2000).  My hope is that my work reflects this commitment and students will encounter an authentic leader and educator. 

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