The Capstone Project will focus on the development of a comprehensive portfolio which provides evidence of a student's competence in twelve specific areas of college student affairs practice.

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Moral, Ethical and Spiritual Compass

possess a well-defined personal, moral and ethical compass that provides grounding and direction and demonstrates a commitment reflected through honesty, integrity, and servant oriented approach to leadership

Visionary Leadership

have the ability to "break the mold" in devising solutions to problems, to utilize multiple resources and articulate a vision

Quality Programming

design and implement high quality programming which enhance student learning and personal development, possess an understanding of student learning in the co-curricular and an ability to write program mission statements and articulate student learning outcomes

Evaluation and Assessment

evaluate both the process and desired outcomes of student affairs programs and services, gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data

Counseling and Advising

possess personal skills necessary to relate effectively with students as individuals, assess the development and personal needs of students and assist students in accessing and utilizing a wide range of services or program

Budgeting and Fiscal Management

possess an understanding of and appreciation for the dynamics involved with utilizing financial resources in the implementation of student affairs programs and services

Fostering Student Learning

possess an understanding of the primacy of the educational mission of higher education and the basic process through which students are engaged in this mission

Legal and Ethical Issues

possess a broad understanding of the legal foundations and constraints which affect college student affairs practice

Effective Campus and Community Relationships

possess the ability to relate effectively with a wide range of people, including across cultural boundaries with many different kinds of people and functional boundaries with people of widely varied roles within higher education

Managing Conflict and Crisis

possess the ability to deal effectively with interpersonal conflict and campus crisis

Multicultural Awareness, Knowledge and Skills

possess the attitudes, beliefs, values and self-awareness necessary to serve students who are culturally different from themselves, have carefully examined and challenged their own values, assumptions and biases, possess specific knowledge of how gender, class, race and ethnicity, language, nationality, sexual orientation, age, religion or spirituality, disability, ability and institutional power affect individuals and their college experience


able to use various forms of technology in their instruction with students and in their own professional development which include the ability to design web sites, utilize research tools, and use multi-media in making presentations before a professional audience

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