As a professional I have learned that the budget reflects an office’s overall mission and purpose, which ultimately influences the way you prioritize and allocate your funds. In my assistantship, I was approached by an undergraduate student and asked if the Women’s Resource Center would pay for the posters for an event on campus. The event was student lead and was not sponsored by an office. The student request was for money to print out the advertisements. While working this out with the student, I learned that allocating funds for events or programs meant I needed to be aware of the content and purpose of the event. Does the program support the goals of the Women’ Resource Center and support the overall mission and vision of the institution?  Fortunately I was able to identify available resources on campus for the student to use and future partnerships for implementing programs.

A significant part of my graduate assistantship was keeping track of all expenditures.  For some programs, I was given a specific budget that I needed to follow and others I was asked to create the budget. For the Senior Women’s Forum a part of introducing the program to Student Life was to develop a budget that represented the overall costs for the series. I also had to coordinate budget collaboration with another Student life office, such as working closely with Communiversity during our annual Women’s Coffeehouse.  In addition as a supervisor to undergraduate interns I kept my students accountable to the overall budget. Often, I did not share the entire budget allocated for a program but told them a specific amount we had for advertisements, refreshments, décor, etc.  The students were responsible for keeping receipts and then reporting back to me. As a supervisor it was important to me for them to develop a sense of prioritizing budget and gaining experience in how to properly allocate funds.

For CSA 553: Administration in College Student Affairs I developed and presented a budget for a specific program. The proposal included a thorough list of expenditures, a rational for the budget request as well as an outlined purpose for the program. In this assignment I demonstrate a knowledge of the necessary process of creating a budget, proposing a well thought out program and seeking approval and financial accountability from peers, staff and administration. 

Budget Proposal

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