In CSA 543, Legal and Ethical Issues, we were asked to discuss an issue prevalent on college campuses and the moral and ethical dilemmas this may present for professionals.  I wrote a reflection as a graduate student of a university that has a very specific stand on the LGBT student community; I felt the importance of creating a professional and personal response to this pertinent societal and cultural issue. According to Bickel and Lake (1999) the university has a distinct relationship with the students that has developed and changed through history. Depending on the institution, for example private or public, the relationship is most evident in the contract with the student. In the case of Azusa Pacific University, because of the nature of its institutional mission and positional statement on the “homosexual” community it demonstrates an loco in parentis relationship. In the paper I examined the “chilly climate” for LGBT students at a Christian university. Lastly I discussed the moral and ethical implications of this for student affair professionals.

Ethical Issues Paper


In CSA 543, Legal and Ethical Issues, I created a workshop and a Power Point presentation: Response to Pandemic Outbreak.  The workshop was created to prepare Student Life Directors on how to appropriately respond to an emergency pandemic outbreak and demonstrate best practice in the field of college student affairs. Participating offices in the workshop were high contact in nature and involved in the daily lives of students. Given the high level of responsibility these positions entail, these professionals need to be prepared to support student health and safety. In addition, these offices must be aware of potential legal and ethical issues in order to effectively respond to an epidemic. The workshop utilized an interactive training approach to provide participants the opportunity to navigate a number of online resources and locate specific information within them.

Pandemic Response PowerPoint   Workshop Overview 


In the fall of 2009, the Women’s Resource Center began planning for an exciting new program in student life with the hopes of educating the student body on healthy behaviors in relationships. We found a program implemented on college campuses through the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. It was titled The Red Flag Campaign and included a number of resources available to the public as well as copy righted posters and material.  Before bringing the Red Flag Campaign to campus I needed to seek permission from the at the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance in order to not infringe upon the copyright. We sought permission to adapt the program with specific concerns in identifying certain behaviors identifiable with APU culture such as Spiritual Abuse.  In addition we wanted to include the faces of actual APU students as a part of the poster campaign. Knowing this, it was pertinent that I seek legal advice from APU General counsel. There were a number of emails I wrote both to the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence representatives and to General Counsel. In the end a letter was drafted and we were granted permission to proceed with our Red Flag week and poster campaign. In this experience I demonstrated knowledge of creating programs that exemplify best practice legally and ethically. I have provided a link to the original program our office eventually adapted

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