In the Women’s Resource Center, my intern and I were responsible for promoting many of our events.  I designed the graphics and posters for many advertisements. I worked closely with the graphic center on campus, primarily using Adobe printing sizes of posters, weight of paper and color printers. Linked below are some of the posters I created for Red Flag Week, Women’s Night of Worship, and Women’s Coffeehouse. (see attached pdf links)

Red Flag Posters   Women's Night of Worship Advertisement

As a Guest Housing intern at Southern Methodist University, I worked with the Residential Management System in order to generate correct billing for our conference guests. We had to work closely with the online billing system, reserving rooms and conference requests. The computer system was linked with the rest of housing records so we were sure to not incorrectly bill our guests or overbook and assign one room to multiple guests.


As a Guest Housing Intern at Southern Methodist University I was responsible for coordinating the schedules for twenty undergraduate resident assistants. We designed a complex and comprehensive excel spreadsheet that automatically registered the name of the student and tallied and calculated the number of hours assigned. I coordinated over 800 hours a week, with various shifts available for our assistants. The shifts included 8 hour desk shifts, on call hours, conference check in times and log of room conditions. I made sure that we did not schedule overtime and that the schedules were as fair as possible. Many of the assistants had summer school or second jobs, which complicated their availability. The overall weekly schedule would take 1-2 hours to efficiently complete. Not only did I gain skill in Excel spreadsheets, I understood that completing a schedule was an administrative responsibility I had for my staff.  It was important that I make this task a priority for my students even if it was the furthest from interacting with my students on a personal level. 

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