During the Red Flag week and Clothesline Project I worked with Project Sister Family Services.  The organization is a community organization offering sexual assault crisis and prevention services. http://www.projectsister.org/  They provide intake and advocacy for women and families as well as outreach and prevention programs for schools. These programs bring awareness about issues of date rape, domestic violence, and sexual assault. They support and educate the community when needed.  As a part of the Women’s Resource Center I felt it important to establish a relationship with the organization and introduce undergraduates to a resource where services are available if needed and where they can possibly serve and give back to the community.  The organization has been involved with our Clothesline Project, Red Flag Week and serves our students when available.


I was asked to represent the Women’s Resource Center on the Women’s Violence Task Force at APU. The organizer of the committee was the Associate Dean from the School of Behavioral and Applied Science (BAS) at Azusa Pacific University. The School of BAS primarily serves graduate students. The task force was formed in response to a need for programming that focuses on the awareness of violence against women. It was my role to communicate with the graduate students and faculty what educational programming was being done for the undergraduate students. I gained experience communicating the goals and learning outcomes associated with our student programming in the Women’s Resource Center as well advocating for the needs and development of undergraduate students.


 As a part of my ACUHO-I guest housing and conferences internship at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, I was responsible to communicate with conference groups. The communication ranged from specific housing requests from guests to facility issues or problems.  I was responsible for coordinating with ARAMARK, the contracted facility management with Residence Life and Student Housing. Part of my job was informing them of the number of guests, the buildings used, and the requests and response of the guests to cleaning services. We conducted weekly meetings to make sure our communication was clear. At times there was direct conflict with facilities and contracted hours of employees, and together we needed to solve the problems to create the best experience for our employees. 

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